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Makin' moola!

May 21st, 2011 at 01:10 pm

I listed 6 items this week on e-bay and they all sold! My net profit after ebay/paypal fees is $104.62. The best part...I received these items for free. Not too shabby Wink I will deposit the money next month into my Roth IRA.



May 2nd, 2011 at 09:46 pm

I really wish my employer would pay out unused vacation time instead of having the "use it or lose it" attitude. I understand the importance of taking time off to regroup, relax and break free from the everyday grind. A three or four day vacation payout would allow me to go away for a long weekend instead of staying home working on endless projects.

Just a thought..

Getting back in the groove.......

May 1st, 2011 at 02:34 pm

Let's try this again.....

I lost sight of my goals (and to be honest) became frustrated with all the money issues. My entire life centered around money (or lack thereof)and it got me thinking "is this it? When is the money bleed going to stop?" I needed a break.

I started focusing on little things I could accomplish myself. Eg. painting the hallway in my home. I tested three color samples (which are not cheap)and didn't care for any of them. I decided to use the left over primer/paint from the bathroom. It's not my original color choice (swiss coffee) but it's a neutral and works. I saved at least $200 for paint/supplies and labor.

I spent an entire weekend spring cleaning. I boxed items for charity, reorganized/boxed winter clothes and brought out spring/summer items (clothing/bedding, etc.) I love a clean house.

Today, I took a nice walk to CVS (approx 1 miles each way) with a broken toe. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. Spring brings allergies and I should know better than to walk after 11 am. LOL!

1st transaction....
Colgate Max Toothpaste $2.97 -$.75 coupon (PLUS $2.97 CVS bucks credit. Made .75!)
Pantene 2/$6.97 - $3 coupon/$1 CVS bucks = $2.97
Sally Hansen Pedicure brush $5.99 - $3 coupon = $2.99
Reese's mini's 2/$6 - $2 coupon = $4
CVS in store coupon .50 off any item
2nd transaction....
CVS batteries Buy 1 get 1 free $6.99 - $3.77 (CVS bucks from previous transaction)= $3.22
Total w/tax $18.20
Total savings $24.62

I was happy to see the batteries on sale. How can all the batteries in my smoke detectors go at once? Just when I thought I had it figured out, another one would start beeping. LOL!

I made a double batch of whole wheat/banana/peanut butter/dark choc muffings. They freeze well and I have enough for two weeks. I also made tuna/pasta/veggie salad. For lunches, La Brea bakery whole garlic bread with tomato/basil/cheese toasted. YUMMMMMM! I also have a variety of items I premade and froze to pull from this month.

My goal for MAY? Just BREATHE! Smile