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Holiday smoliday...

December 17th, 2013 at 07:44 pm

Our company holiday luncheon was today. I should have stayed at the office. It was lackluster, boring and most people were just there to eat and move on. There was no entertainment, the d├ęcor was lacking and just plain boring. I think the lunch line in high school was more exciting! ha!

Maybe the reason for everyone's holiday spirit was lack of raises. I received a stellar performance review. I did not receive the raise I was expecting. After all, when you put in 150% everyday and OT when needed, you expect to be rewarded. It's not the economy. My company is making large sums of money. Just ask our VP's who are showing off their new expensive cars and vacation homes.

On the positive, I delivered many holiday treats and the recipients were thrilled. Make my day!

California had a huge lottery this evening. Going to check my ticket now. The above may be irrelevant tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! Smile

I cannot be trusted.........

December 10th, 2013 at 06:49 pm

A few weeks ago, I purchased eight Peppermint Bark snack size candies from William Sonoma for stocking stuffers. I have three left. Yes, I devoured five out of eight and I don't expect the remaining three to make it to the stocking. Sigh~ Smile

I'm looking forward to the New year. I need to regroup my finances in a big way. Too much outgoing and not enough $ coming in.

I'll be baking up a storm the next few weekends. I love giving baked goods because they are well received.